Prime Challenge

The PRIMECHALLENGE is a 90-day journey anyone can go on.

It starts with defining your own prime and taking Unicity products for the firsttime; it ends, three months later, living the prime life.




Looking good for an upcoming event, dealing with an ongoing health challenge, or wanting to improve your

overall energy and wellness—the end goal of living a prime life is the same. And whatever your motivation, you can be

one of more than 30 people each year who receives cash prizes for fully utilizing Unicity’s products and health

principles to reach your prime. As you submit your story of how you’re now living in the

prime of your life, you’re eligible to receive cash rewards.This money can then be used to help you fulfill the vision

you established three months earlier. After that, the future holds whatever you allow it to hold.

What started as Prime Challenge can develop into a new physique and improved confidence—opening up worlds of

possibility to achieve physical excellence, to establish financial vision, and to pursue personal development. The

level of achievement is, of course, up to you. Unicity extended the first challenge—to define your prime. Only

you will know what that next challenge will be.


1 Grand Prize Winner: $5,000

2 Runners-Up: $2,500 each

5 Finalists: $1,000 each  


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