Unicity for Physicians

A Doctors Ongoing Struggle

Today’s Challenges

  • Increasing Premiums
  • Decreasing Reimbursements
  • Less Time with Patients and  More Time with Paperwork
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Doctors are in the perfect position to offer preventative medical solutions.  Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent each year toward preventative health – nutritional supplements, alternative medicine, and more- and the industry continues to grow.

With Unicity’s clinically proven products-many of which are featured in the Physicians’ Desk Reference-not only will you be helping your patients avoid future health issues, but you’ll be lightening the financial burden for both healthcare consumers and healthcare providers.


  • We have a proven system for you to generate significant revenue-all without increasing your staff or overhead.  You already have a natural place to generate revenue which you’re likely not utilizing:  your waiting room.  So many medical professionals pour money into their waiting rooms to make it nice and comfortable, only to never get a significant return on that investment.
  • With a wealth of resources and tools at your disposal from Unicity, you can turn your waiting room into a revenue builder.  As patients order products from your personalized website, Unicity will help you build revenue stream-helping patients improve their health and prevent many future medical expenses.

The 6 Mechanisms of Slim

One of Unicity’s most effective and popular global products is Unicity Balance-a clinically proven dietary supplement formulated to help your body burn fat and support healthy cholesterol levels. Derived from natural ingredients, the proprietary blend in Unicity Balance is a safe and simple way to encourage weight loss, increase energy, and better control blood chemistry.

  • When you consume food, your body increases it insulin and glucose levels in order to take full advantage of the energy you’re providing it. The problem is, you’ll sometimes provide more than your body needs at that moment; that leftover energy is stored as fat. By taking Unicity Balance before meals, that energy is spread out across several hours – eliminating the need to snack between meals – and avoids that fat conversion process.
  • Unicity Balance doesn’t just assist with weight loss; it helps reduce your appetite and decrease leptin resistance, in addition to helping you maintain health triglyceride and cholesterol levels.  Many people start seeing results within six weeks. In the end, Unicity Balance not only helps curb hunger, but it helps the body burn that fat it already has-all without the confusion, hunger and mediocre results of other health products and programs.


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