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84873084 Obesity costs your corporation real and tangible dollars!

• It is a rapidly growing problem

• Traditional wellness programs historical ROI is poor

• Consider a novel approach to get the most out of your investment

Target the most costly individuals and empower them to make meaningful change!

• Create ongoing income to provide rewards and incentives for everyone in the


Studies Confirm Impacts of Obesity

• Obese workers cost U.S. employers an estimated $73.1 billion or more in healthcare costs and productivity losses each year.

• Absent more often than workers of a healthy weight, the most obese men take 5.9 more sick days a year; the most obese women, 9.4 days more.

• Obesity-related absenteeism costs employers as much as $6.4 billion a year         SleepingDesk

• Obesity-related “presenteeism,” a lack of productivity while on the job due to pain and other physical complications of obesity, costs employers an estimated annual $30 billion.

• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 80 percent of heart disease and stroke cases, 80 percent of type 2 diabetes cases, and 40 percent of cancer cases could be prevented if Americans would start eating healthfully, become more physically active, and stop smoking.” * Alere Wellbeing White Paper – Economic Impact of Obesity

 Add meaningful financial incentives to a system that has been proven to:

article-0-01BBBA7A000004B0-163_468x371 •Lower cholesterol and triglycerides •Lower blood sugar and improve control
• Lower blood pressure
• Lower body fat
•Provide structure and accountability for improving habits that result in better health and wellness


 Linking Weight Loss to Financial Incentives Improves Success

A randomized controlled trial lasting 1 year, following 100 healthy adults with BMI 30-39.9, evaluated education +/- structured behavioral modification, each with and without financial incentives (participant received money when goals achieved) and disincentives (participant had to pay money when goals not achieved). They found that the financially incentivized group lost 4 times more weight than their counterparts!

*More Bang for your Buck? Payment Scheme Ups Weight Loss, Medscape – March 10, 2010

Applying the Program

This 12 week program provides three things necessary for meaningful change:

  1. Education
  2. Structure
  3. Accountability

This program will create income that can be used to fund financial incentives.  It also can provide ongoing revenue to your company that can be used to pay for the wellness coordinator salary, add onto existing financial incentives in the program and fund rewards for others in the company who adopt and or maintain healthy habits.

It would be hard to quantify the health benefits however, what has been seen is:
•       Improved energy
•       Improved glycemic control (better Hba1c)
•       Improved lipids
•       Reduction in medications used and, at times, completely coming off medications for cholesterol, blood pressure and/or diabetes.
•       Better self esteem

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