Why YOU should start your UNICITY Transformation

What is the Transformation Program?

A scientifically based weight loss and nutritional behavior change program that helps you: develop healthy habits, supports activity, and helps achieve your goals.


  • Lose weight, lose inches
  • Get a toned and lean body
  • Increase your fitness
  • Get control of your body
  • Enhance your mood
  • Sustain healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Promote healthy digestive function
  • Sustain healthy glucose levels
  • Have abundant energy for all the things that make you happy
  • Feel more vitality


Gabriela Smart said that before Transformation, she didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin.

“I wasn’t comfortable with myself,” she said. “I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror.”

When Gabriela decided that she was committed to take on Unicity’s Transformation, she started to see improvements.weightloss3

“I could not believe the changes I started noticing,” Gabriela said. “I was losing weight, dropping inches, and having an increase in my energy.”

Gabriela consistently followed the Transformation nutrition and exercise principles, and her body continuously responded to the changes.

“I steadily started dropping two pounds per week during the 13-week challenge,” she said.

Unicity’s products, particularly Balance, helped Gabriela obtain her weight loss goals.

“Balance allowed me to curve my appetite, decrease the amount I was eating, regulate my blood sugar, and regulate bowel movements.”

On Transformation, Gabriela not only met her weight loss goal, but she also exceeded it.

“I could feel the changes from Transformation that drove me to surpass my goal weight,” Gabriela said. “I was a size 10 to start, and I dropped down to a size 4.”

The program includes a 12-week supply of Unicity’s amazing core nutritional supplements and products. As well as an online tracking system and a specialized weekly call keep you on track with your coach.

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